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ROCKWOOL Italy Sail Grand Prix | Taranto
Taranto 23 - 24 SEP


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Experience the flying catamarans hurtling past at thrilling speeds right in front of you.
Reserve your access to bleacher seating, located directly on the waterfront within the SailGP Race Stadium at Rotonda del Lungomare. The ticket also includes access to a variety of food and beverages available for purchase. Soak up what’s sure to be an unforgettable experience with a prime viewing position and enjoy a live race broadcast on large screens featuring expert commentary and entertainment by RadioNorba. 


  • Bleacher seating at the water’s edge in the SailGP Race Stadium at Rotonda del Lungomare  with views of the race course and SailGP Team bases.
  • Comfortable seating from which to enjoy the afternoon of racing. Seats are first-come, first serve with multiple bleachers arranged 
  • Live commentary and broadcast viewing to complement the live racing experience.
  • Food and beverage available for purchase.
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle to take advantage of our water refill stations.

PRICE: €38 Children 5 and under €1
Experience hours: 12.30 - 16.00


Our Waterfront Premium ticket grants you an exclusive viewing position directly facing the thrilling races and the finish line. Relish this privileged perspective from the comfort of our stylish lounge area.Treat yourself to a package including finger food, a selection of wines and drinks, live race broadcasts with expert commentary and entertainment by RadioNorba.

  • Privileged viewing position facing the racing and the finish line within a premium lounge area on the Bleachers Terrace at Rotonda del Lungomare
  • An all-inclusive offering of Canapés and  Welcome drinks beverages (including beer and wine). To complement this unique experience, enjoy live race broadcasts on screens, with expert commentary and music Entertainment by RadioNorba. 
  • Climate positive ticket – offsetting the carbon impact of your time with us
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle to take advantage of our water refill stations 

Experience hours: 12.30 - 16.30

PRICE: 150 euros

Access for adults only

AGE + 18


The On Water Premium ticket offers the opportunity to get close to the action on the water. Fans can watch the races on board of the official SailGP spectators boats, positioned within the perimeter of the race course. It includes access to one of the boats, finger food, premium drinks and a selection of wines on board. This unique experience from the sea will offer an extraordinary opportunity to see world-class athletes in action on F50 flying catamarans and racing at impressive speeds in the bay of Taranto.

  • Enjoy a privileged position close to the race course directly on the water.
  • An all-inclusive offer of finger food and drinks (including beer and wine). 
  • Climate-positive ticket - to offset the carbon footprint of time spent with us.

PRICE: 86 Euro

Boarding times 12:00 - Disembarking time: 16:00
Age: Adults and accompanied minors.


Go behind the scenes at the SailGP Team Bases and enjoy an exclusive tour of the 'pit lane garages' where athletes and shore teams prepare the high-tech F50 race boats. Our tours offer a rare chance to see SailGP's cutting-edge, wing-sailed boats up close, as the teams prepare for battle.


  • Exclusive 30-minute guided tour of SailGP Team Bases
  • Climate positive ticket – offsetting the carbon impact of your time with us
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle to take advantage of our water refill stations.

Experience hours: 30 minutes 

PRICE: €32.50 Euros  

AGE: Adults and accompanied minors. Please check the FAQ's for access policies for minors


Exclusive viewing areas on the water next to the racing all weekend when you bring your own boat! Receive access to the innermost edge of the public boating boundary and experience the speeds of the F50 catamarans like ever before!


  • Access to the perfect position to enjoy the high-speed racing on the water – less than 50m away from the action – on the racecourse perimeter.
  • Includes Premium souvenir flag for access to the dedicated area. Boats without a flag will be held outside the exclusion zone at least 200m behind the flag bearing boats.
  • Exclusive access for both days of racing.
  • Live race commentary over VHF.
  • We’ll offset your carbon footprint for each race day.
  • The Bring Your Own Boat program is for boats under 80ft.

The first 10 BYOB Premium tickets sold will get a free Team Tech Base Tour for 2 people.

For any vessels over 24m / 80 feet, refer to the SailGP Adrenaline Yacht programme.

For details about SailGP Adrenaline Yachts please contact:

Laura Esteve, Chief Business Development Officer, BWA Yachting

[email protected] | +1 202 322 2292

Racing hours: 13:30 - 15:00


ROCKWOOL Italy Sail Grand Prix | Taranto

On September 23-24, SailGP, the world’s most exciting racing on water, will return to Taranto where anything can happen in short, adrenaline-fueled battles in a championship that’s #poweredbynature and races for a better future.

Taranto, also known as the "City of the Two Seas", sits between the Mar Grande and the Mar Piccolo. The waters surrounding this rich- in- history strip of land is a naturalistic oasis, home to a diverse group of aquatic wildlife, with its crystal clear sea and breathtaking views.

The city is a natural harbor situated at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea posing as the perfect location for SailGP’s heart stopping battles, where nature and adventure merge to create a unique sporting experience.

As leaders in purpose driven and sustainable sport, SailGP's impact goes beyond the flying identical, high-tech F50 catamarans, by embedding sustainability into events with significant social and environmental initiatives. Through SailGP’s Women’s Pathway Program which ensures gender equity for athletes, the Inspire program which aims to make sailing accessible for all, and promotion of positive climate events, SailGP is committed to making a mark beyond simply achieving a "zero carbon footprint."

Today, Taranto is at the forefront of Italy's Green New Deal and is going through a transformative phase, particularly in terms of innovation and resilience. The City of Taranto is committed to enhancing the area's artistic, cultural, and environmental splendor. 

Taranto is known as the capital of Magna Graecia. It is at the intersection of various cultural influences from its founding in ancient Sparta, through Greek and Roman times, Norman Swabian and Arab eras, to the present day.
Hosting SailGP is a proud addition to the diverse range of international sporting events Taranto has played host to, including the upcoming 20th Mediterranean Games in 2026 and many more.


RACE DAY 1 - 23/09/2023


Race Stadium | 12.30pm-4.00pm CET
Racing Times | 1.30pm-3pm CET

RACE DAY 2 - 24/09/2023


Race Stadium | 12.30pm-4.00pm CET
Racing Times | 1.30pm-3pm CET